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Looking for Inspiration

18 Feb

So I know I haven’t blogged in what feels like forever, but a lot has happened, and I barely have time to sleep any more let alone do any crafting. 

I finally found some veterinary experience work (voluntary but it all counts) which will hopefully allow me to eventually get into veterinary nursing, which is the ultimate game plan. I also got engaged a month ago, so wedding planning has already started (despite the fact we’re not planning on getting married for two years yet) and I’m still trying to do everything I usually do on top of all of this, so I’m also feeding my cinema addiction, and trying to go to the gym three or four times a week. Time is not on my side unfortunately 😦

I did take part in the Frost Fayre back in December, and it did go really well. We made around £100 between us but unfortunately the pressures of crafting in the buildup to the Fayre meant I’ve seriously lost the stitching and crafting bug for the last two months, which is kind of pants really isn’t it?

This week was going to be the week I got back into my crafting, but I’ve been working seven days a week for the last two weeks, and there’s another week to go, and it’s finally caught up with me so I’m planning on taking a siesta this afternoon to find some sleep. I haven’t completely given up. Within the next seven days I intend to get back into my crafting, and get blogging again.

We all suffer from periods where we lose our passion for things: I’m just spending my time looking for inspiration to strike again.



Yet More Tree Decorations

7 Dec

Well I wasn’t planning on crafting at all last night, but I felt lazy sat on the sofa doing nothing and decided to make a few more tree decorations for the Frost Fayre.


These are very similar to the Heart Decorations I posted about last week, except that I’ve made these circle shaped, and before I’ve blanket stitched the two felt circles together I used chain stitch to embellish the front of the bauble with a Christmas tree.

Simple, but not bad for an evening I was planning on taking off.

Just one more sleep until the Frost Fayre …

A Slight Delay …

2 Nov

I do apologise about the lack of updates to my blog in the last six months. I have had a lot happen and a lot going on, and now that we’re in November I’m starting to stress a lot about the upcoming Frost Fayre in a month’s time.

I am not giving up on blogging: in fact I really want to get back into it. I just seem to be struggling to find the time to write any posts at the moment. 

Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll manage to schedule in some time to set up a few posts and we can be up and running again 🙂

Project: Mass Production

3 Jun

Where I live, our local village holds a May Fayre and a Frost Fayre every May and December respectively. While the May Fayre seems to be getting more and more quiet every year, the Frost Fayre always seems to be heaving, and the stalls are full of people selling expensive products as Christmas gifts.

As my friend and I are both into the crafty side of things, reguarly cardmaking and cross stitching together, we’ve decided to spend the month of June seeing just how much “stock” we can generate in a month. We thought that if we can make enough, we’re going to enquire about signing up to have our own stall at this year’s Frost Fayre, selling smaller things such as cards, tree decorations, then we can go crazy making things to sell on our stall. If we can’t make enough for the Frost Fayre, we’ll have a think about starting now and signing up for next year instead 🙂

So far, I have spent just one evening with a bit of papercraft, and managed to put 5 cards together in two hours (which isn’t a bad rate of production if you ask me). I have plans for some little heart sachet tree decorations I want to make, and I know my friend has bought some cheap fabris and she’s going to attempt to make a few small handbags to sell as gift ideas. I also want to buy the ingredients I need to make some bath bombs (instructions for which I’ve found in Kirstie Alsopp’s book “Craft” which was a birthday present off my friend this year).

I’ll update my blog with the progress we’re making on our production line: this could be the start of an annual venture if all goes to plan, so expect a few upcoming posts about things I’ve made to sell.

I am rather excited about the prospect of selling our own handmade items on – essentially – a market stall. Gifts and cards for Christmas: handmade and homemade inspired items are everywhere at the moment, so we’re taking the advantage and seeing what we can do.

Fingers crossed, and wish us luck 🙂