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Thank You – Self Designing Patterns

11 Dec

You may remember a few months ago I posted about a design I’d drawn up for a “Happy Birthday” card using different colours and alphabet designs that said “Happy Birthday” in several languages. Well, I’ve finally gotten around to stitching the design for the “Thankyou” card I designed around the same time.


I’m not thrilled with how the design looks stitched on blue aida, but that’s my only gripe with it. I won’t lie, I’m still pretty chuffed with the fact that I managed to come up with this idea; I have next to no artistic talent so I usually rely on pre-designed cross stitch patterns for my cards and greetings.

According to Google the translations I’ve used are:

Thank You – English

Danke – German

Merci – French

Obrigado – Portugese

Grazie – Italian

Diolch – Welsh

Tack – Swedish

Gracias – Spanish

Again, if the translations are wrong, blame Google and not me 🙂


Jam Jar Tealights

4 Dec

This idea is inspired by internet browsing for cute and quirky ideas to make different things to sell on the stall at the Frost Fayre (and hopefully to give as gifts this Christmas). It was such a simple idea that I can’t believe we didn’t think of it ourselves, or think of it earlier. The thanks go to my boyfriend who found it online and worked out how to make them.

These jam jars were originally purchased online, but we since found them in Wilkinson’s to buy, and they are perfect for what I wanted them for. The inside of the lid is removable, which means I can screw the lid on without the insert, and the top of the jar is left looking tidy and finished.

The effect of the pictures on the jar comes simply from sticking outline stickers around the jar at random, than spray painting the jar in an even coat of paint. We did discover it was easier to spray the jars on paper plates so we could rotate the jars for an even coverage of paint.

Once the paint was dry, it was a simple case of peeling the stickers off carefully and hey presto 🙂

I am thrilled with the white ones. I actually want to keep a few of them for myself. However, we did paint some in red and pink, and we encountered a few issues with this paint. I think the fact that they are a gloss paint meant that it didn’t dry or stick to the glass quite so well, and so it does seem to chip easily. The white paint is a matte spray paint, and seems to have stuck well to the glass. I definitely prefer these to the coloured ones.

I’ve since made a few more to sell as I’m not overly happy with the red and pink ones, so have gone ahead and made some more white ones (and as Sod would have it, I ran out of the white spray paint with just one more to paint). I think they’re a fabulous idea. So simple.

Happy crafting 🙂

Christmas Tree Decorations

27 Nov

With Christmas and the Frost Fayre approaching fast, I’m trying to come up with ideas to sell that are Christmas related but aren’t cards. While I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping I’ve seen a lot of felt tree decorations about, that are probably machine made but have the handmade look to them.



I have now made a few of these to sell on the stall, and I’ve decided that any I have left can go on my tree because I’m very happy with them.

I cut two heart shapes out of felt (around a template so they’re all the same size) and attached a button and ribbon to the “inside” at the top of the heart. I then blanket stitched around the edge of the heart in thread of a similar colour to the ribbon and the button to securely stitch the two hearts together. As I reached the end of the blanket stitch, I slipped some stuffing inside the heart to pad it out a little bit.

These decorations probably only took around 20 minutes to make once I’d refreshed my memory on how to do blanket stitch. They’re so quick and easy to make they’re ideal for selling on my stall on December 8th.

They’re a lot tidier than other heart sachets I’ve made in the past; I don’t know if this is because I didn’t use a sewing machine this time or because they’re simply a smaller size, but I’m thrilled to bits with how they’ve turned out.

Keep crafting, and keep motivated 🙂

Love Heart Sachet

13 Nov

With the Frost Fayre coming up on the 8th December, I’ve been thinking of simple yet quirky ideas that I can spend a day mass producing in order to sell. Heart sachets are everywhere at the moment, so making a few to have on the stall is just too good an opportunity to turn down (plus whatever ones are left will make handy little gifts for friends).

Cross Stitch

The cross stitch patch is just a simple four letter word; “Love” is a word stitched on all the quirky gifts about at the moment. The idea of making a patch to just stitch onto the fabric means that the word stands out against the patterned fabric used to make the heart sachet.


I’m a little frustrated with how these turned out: they’re all a little bit squiff and uneven, and the ribbon isn’t dead centre, but I think I’m happy enough to attempt to sell them on the stall.

I am going to attempt to make a few more simple ones to sell, but I need to think of other time effective ideas to make. Hopefully with more practice they’ll get tidier and tidier.

Project: Mass Production

3 Jun

Where I live, our local village holds a May Fayre and a Frost Fayre every May and December respectively. While the May Fayre seems to be getting more and more quiet every year, the Frost Fayre always seems to be heaving, and the stalls are full of people selling expensive products as Christmas gifts.

As my friend and I are both into the crafty side of things, reguarly cardmaking and cross stitching together, we’ve decided to spend the month of June seeing just how much “stock” we can generate in a month. We thought that if we can make enough, we’re going to enquire about signing up to have our own stall at this year’s Frost Fayre, selling smaller things such as cards, tree decorations, then we can go crazy making things to sell on our stall. If we can’t make enough for the Frost Fayre, we’ll have a think about starting now and signing up for next year instead 🙂

So far, I have spent just one evening with a bit of papercraft, and managed to put 5 cards together in two hours (which isn’t a bad rate of production if you ask me). I have plans for some little heart sachet tree decorations I want to make, and I know my friend has bought some cheap fabris and she’s going to attempt to make a few small handbags to sell as gift ideas. I also want to buy the ingredients I need to make some bath bombs (instructions for which I’ve found in Kirstie Alsopp’s book “Craft” which was a birthday present off my friend this year).

I’ll update my blog with the progress we’re making on our production line: this could be the start of an annual venture if all goes to plan, so expect a few upcoming posts about things I’ve made to sell.

I am rather excited about the prospect of selling our own handmade items on – essentially – a market stall. Gifts and cards for Christmas: handmade and homemade inspired items are everywhere at the moment, so we’re taking the advantage and seeing what we can do.

Fingers crossed, and wish us luck 🙂


30 May

Butterflies seem to be around a lot at the moment, embellishing everything from cards to handbags. When I saw this card idea I just had to have a go at making them myself.

This card uses another idea from Papercraft Inspirations using a large butterfly punch and a small butterfly punch. A section was removed from the front of the card, then the butterflies attached across the gap using a small amount of glue. The smaller butterflies were then mounted on the card by the bodies only, so that once the glue was dried the wings could be lifted up.

I’ve made this card so many times over the last few weeks, using different colour combinations each time, and each end result is slightly different. I particuarly like the effect of the colour scheme on the second card displayed on this page, and I love how for the sake of an hour or two, I can create a fair few of these.

Keep crafting 🙂

Happy Birthday – Self Designing Patterns

12 May

A lot of the cross stitch patterns I use are from magazines, books and kits. I do, however, want to start designing my own patterns to sew which does prove to be very difficult for someone like me with very little artistic talent. I have had a go at it though, and this was the pattern I came up with for a birthday card (admittedly using one or two alphabet designs dotted about in my stash to help):

I used the internet to find all the different translations for “Happy Birthday” – on a side note it did amaze me how long the phrase “Happy Birthday” is in pretty much every language. Particularly German for some reason hence why I opted not to use that language in the design. It did take a while for me to squeeze several phrases onto my page of squared paper, but I am happy with the outcome.

The languages I’ve used are:

Happy Birthday – English

Penblywydd Hapus – Welsh

Bon Anniversaire – French

Iyi Ki Dogdun – Turkish

Buon Compleanno – Italian

Parabens – Portugese

If for any reason my translations are incorrect I do apologise; the only language I am fluent in is English. If they are wrong please blame Google search, not me o:-)

I have also designed a “Thankyou” card in the same theme as this pattern, but I have yet to get that one stitched for a tester.

I’m also planning on designing a “Merry Christmas” one.

Keep crafting 😉