Jam Jar Tealights

4 Dec

This idea is inspired by internet browsing for cute and quirky ideas to make different things to sell on the stall at the Frost Fayre (and hopefully to give as gifts this Christmas). It was such a simple idea that I can’t believe we didn’t think of it ourselves, or think of it earlier. The thanks go to my boyfriend who found it online and worked out how to make them.

These jam jars were originally purchased online, but we since found them in Wilkinson’s to buy, and they are perfect for what I wanted them for. The inside of the lid is removable, which means I can screw the lid on without the insert, and the top of the jar is left looking tidy and finished.

The effect of the pictures on the jar comes simply from sticking outline stickers around the jar at random, than spray painting the jar in an even coat of paint. We did discover it was easier to spray the jars on paper plates so we could rotate the jars for an even coverage of paint.

Once the paint was dry, it was a simple case of peeling the stickers off carefully and hey presto 🙂

I am thrilled with the white ones. I actually want to keep a few of them for myself. However, we did paint some in red and pink, and we encountered a few issues with this paint. I think the fact that they are a gloss paint meant that it didn’t dry or stick to the glass quite so well, and so it does seem to chip easily. The white paint is a matte spray paint, and seems to have stuck well to the glass. I definitely prefer these to the coloured ones.

I’ve since made a few more to sell as I’m not overly happy with the red and pink ones, so have gone ahead and made some more white ones (and as Sod would have it, I ran out of the white spray paint with just one more to paint). I think they’re a fabulous idea. So simple.

Happy crafting 🙂


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