Christmas Tree Decorations

27 Nov

With Christmas and the Frost Fayre approaching fast, I’m trying to come up with ideas to sell that are Christmas related but aren’t cards. While I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping I’ve seen a lot of felt tree decorations about, that are probably machine made but have the handmade look to them.



I have now made a few of these to sell on the stall, and I’ve decided that any I have left can go on my tree because I’m very happy with them.

I cut two heart shapes out of felt (around a template so they’re all the same size) and attached a button and ribbon to the “inside” at the top of the heart. I then blanket stitched around the edge of the heart in thread of a similar colour to the ribbon and the button to securely stitch the two hearts together. As I reached the end of the blanket stitch, I slipped some stuffing inside the heart to pad it out a little bit.

These decorations probably only took around 20 minutes to make once I’d refreshed my memory on how to do blanket stitch. They’re so quick and easy to make they’re ideal for selling on my stall on December 8th.

They’re a lot tidier than other heart sachets I’ve made in the past; I don’t know if this is because I didn’t use a sewing machine this time or because they’re simply a smaller size, but I’m thrilled to bits with how they’ve turned out.

Keep crafting, and keep motivated 🙂


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