Love Heart Sachet

13 Nov

With the Frost Fayre coming up on the 8th December, I’ve been thinking of simple yet quirky ideas that I can spend a day mass producing in order to sell. Heart sachets are everywhere at the moment, so making a few to have on the stall is just too good an opportunity to turn down (plus whatever ones are left will make handy little gifts for friends).

Cross Stitch

The cross stitch patch is just a simple four letter word; “Love” is a word stitched on all the quirky gifts about at the moment. The idea of making a patch to just stitch onto the fabric means that the word stands out against the patterned fabric used to make the heart sachet.


I’m a little frustrated with how these turned out: they’re all a little bit squiff and uneven, and the ribbon isn’t dead centre, but I think I’m happy enough to attempt to sell them on the stall.

I am going to attempt to make a few more simple ones to sell, but I need to think of other time effective ideas to make. Hopefully with more practice they’ll get tidier and tidier.


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