Penblwydd Hapus

12 Apr

My other half’s brother is very passionate about his Welsh heritage, and so for his birthday I decided to use a pattern I have in my stash for a Welsh dragon to make a card fitting for someone so proud.

Cross Stitch

The cross stitch itself is a very simple one, from a kit to make a key ring. The dragon is stitched mainly in red, with a little bit of white backstitch. This was the same dragon pattern I used to change the flag on the Wedding Sampler I stitched last year.

Card Layout

Of course the card is styled so that it looks like the Welsh flag, with a dragon on the green grass. This was achieved by inserting the stitch into an aperture of a white card, then cutting a strip of green card out and removing the half-aperture from it. Welsh stickers translating to read “Happy Birthday” were then added to fill the blank space on the card.

The uniqueness of the Welsh flag does mean that it makes a very effective card, especially when the dragon is cross stitched. It was so easy to come up with the idea for this card, and it’s a shame not all flags would work as well in cross stitch cards, otherwise I could create a selection of Nationality themed cards.

Keep crafting 🙂


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