Happy 17th Birthday Card

7 Apr

Let’s be honest, most of us in the UK start learning to drive once we turn 17. My little sister (who’s now 20) was no different, and for her birthday my parent’s had bought her a little blue Clio to learn to drive in.

I decided it would be appropriate to make her a car-themed birthday card for her 17th birthday, with a personalised numberplate, and this was the product of much planning and crafting:

I love this card. I cannot remember the thought process that went into it, but I do love it. Of course that is my sister sat behind the wheel of the blue car; the wipers, wheel and tyres were cut from black card and the windshield and headlights from white card.

The only cross stitch on the card is the numberplate, which was copied from a simple alphabet pattern I found in a book I was using at the time.

I remember spending a lot of time drawing out templates for this card, and getting very stressed that the shape of the car wasn’t what I wanted etc etc, but I am proud of the final product. It’s a shame I didn’t keep the template really,in case I ever feel the need to create this card again. If I decide to do it, I imagine my living room will suddenly became a stressful zone again hehe.

I’ll give you a warning if it’s set to happen 😉


One Response to “Happy 17th Birthday Card”

  1. Catherine Burden April 7, 2012 at 19:45 #

    Nice work!

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