Flower Buttons

26 Mar

Mother’s Day has been and gone, so of course I had cards to craft and give out. I decided to give my mother a bunting card similar to the one I blogged about previously (I did go to the effort to make her a new one having already given out the one I posted previously) andthe other half gave his the easel card I posted before.

This card was made especially for my Grandma. I love my Grandma to pieces, and her father used to be a florist, so I know she has a particular love for flowers. What better way to embellish her card than with flowers I made myself?

The centres of the flowers are self cover buttons. I spent ages trying to think of two different things I had that I could stitch onto aida to act as the centre of the flowers, and eventually settled on a ladybird (from CrossStitcher Magazine) and a butterfly (from The Cross Stitch Motif Bible by Jan Eaton).

I’ve made self cover buttons before, and I do love them. The hardest part of this card was cutting flower shapes from felt that were even and tidy. I ended up making a template flower out of waste felt (it became waste after the felt pen I drew with showed up through the material), pinning it to a feash piece of felt and cutting around it.

The flowers were made by cutting a small hole in the centre of the two flowers, layering them on top of each other and puching the button (already covered with the stitch) through the middle. I used glue to secure everything in place, and the stems for the flowers were drawn using a green felt pen.

The end result is a fun and happy card, with two pretty little handmade flowers dancing in the breeze. Perfect for someone with a love of flowers like my Grandma 🙂

Happy sewing 😉


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