Happy Anniversary! – Inspired By …

23 Mar

I visited some friends back in 2011, and on their mantelpiece they had a beautiful wedding invite that looked very handmade. It was turquoise and brown, and had a little ribbon bow on it, and some buttons, and the names of the people getting married stamped on the front. Of course, being rather crafty minded, I just had to have a go at replicating this card myself, and this was the outcome.

I opted to use red and white for my colour scheme, mainly because I wanted an excuse to use my gingham ribbon, and I must admit I’m very pleased with the result.

I decided to embellish my finished card with a small “Happy Anniversary” sticker, as my parent’s anniversary was approaching and I thought this would make a different card for them as they’re so used to receiving my cross stitched ones. I might add that my mother in particular really liked it.

I should really go to the effort to find out who designed the original card, as it acted as my inspiration for this one. That said it’s a very simple card, which definately has a touch of handmade-ness to it. The colour scheme could be adapted for any occasion; even to suit individual tastes, and in place of buttons some 3D embellishments could be used to make it a themed card e.g. bells for a wedding or balloons for a birthday.

It just goes to show that inspiration for a card could come from anywhere, and when you least expect it. I’ve been thinking I should probably get a small notepad to jot my ideas and inspirations down in, as by the time I get home I’ve usually forgotten that amazing idea that just waltzed into my head four hours ago.

Or maybe I should just get a better memory 😉

Keep crafting 🙂


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