Butterfly Heart Sachet

21 Mar

It was my sister’s birthday last week, and I decided to make her something as well as buying her a gift. As my parents have recently moved house, I thought I’d make her a heart sachet to go with her newly decorated room, and I chose to stitch a butterfly onto some blue material using soluable aida.

Cross Stitch

Cross stitching using soluable aida was relatively easy. I did need to change to a smaller needle as the one I started using was leaving massive holes in the material I was sewing onto. The soluable aida was fastened to the fabric using pins, and then once the design was finished I cut the excess aida away from the pattern so dissolving it would be a little easier.


I followed the instructions that came with the aida for the soaking process; simply filling the sink with soapy water and allowing to dissolve. I did have to repeat the process, as after the first soak once the sewing was dry there was still a sticky residue over the sewing. Once the aida was completely dissolved, I hung the material on the radiator to dry, and once completely dry I sewed the sachet together.

Heart sachet

The finished sachet is a little bit skewiff; probably because I was tired putting it together (I did have several arguements with my machine as well) but overall I am happy with it. The butterfly has been stitched in the colours my sister has decorated her bedroom with, and this time I managed to get the ribbon in the right place first time (yay me!). I threaded two purple/blue beads onto the top of the ribbon as a small embellishment, stuffed the sachet and slip stitched the opening closed.

Aside from it being a bit uneven, I’m happy with how the sachet turned out. I certainly enjoy making these sachets. I think they make lovely little gifts, especially as they seem to be for sale in most of the quirky home stores at the moment. Handmade gifts are definately the way forward.

Happy crafting 😉


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