“Love” – A Work in Progress

20 Mar

I’ve been trying to learn the art of needlepoint as one of my 2012 resolutions, and have come up with the idea that I’m going to make a cushion spelling the word “Love” on it using Emily Peacock’s circus alphabet. The alphabet is being published on the “Subscriber’s Only” pages of CrossStitcher Magazine and so far (in three months) I have managed to stitch just half of the “L”.

I think it’s going well: I’m using what I understand to be “half cross tent stitch” or, to me, just half cross stitch. My tension is very uneven, as I expected it would be as I’m only just learning this technique, but I think I’m getting the hang of it slowly.

I plan to stitch the four letters for the word “Love” in a kind of square, with L and O on the top row, and V and E on the bottom. I’m then planning on filling in the rest of the canvas using a mustard-y shade of yellow, before finding some pretty backing fabric and making a cushion (probably my first).

And then it’s going to live on the sofa.

Probably for the cat to sharpen her claws on 😉

More on this cushion as and when I make progress.

Keep crafting 🙂


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