A Little Ship

19 Mar

Just a short post about a quick card I made back in January for my dad’s birthday.

My dad is a particular fan of boats; not any special kind of boat, just boats in general. The issue of CrossStitcher Magazine I received around that time had instructions in it for stitching onto paper, or card, so I thought I’d give it a go and this was the result:

ImageThe cross stitch was achieved by copying the ship design onto aida, placing this on top of the card I wanted to stitch on and punching holes in the card with a needle. Pretty simple really, and I must admit this was actually the most time consuming part of making this card. Cross stitching directly onto the card was simple: much like stitching on ordinary aida except the “fabric” was a lot more sturdy.

I chose to mount the cross stitch onto a red square, and then again onto a simple white card to add a nautical theme to the design. Again, simple, but effective.

I really love the resulting card: I think it looks rather modern, and very appropriate for a male card (I find stitching cards for males difficult as so many designs seem to be built for girls, and stitching in general seems to be a girly subject) but I was extremely happy with this design.

With regards to the technique for stitching directly onto card, my main advice would be to keep the design simple, using only one or two colours and keep it fairly small. Too much crowding would probably weaken the card/paper and cause it to tear, and large designs would get complicated very quickly.

Happy stitching 🙂


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