Stamping Fun – “Hot Air Balloons”

21 Feb

I’ve been buying a few issues of Papercraft Inspirations hoping to expand my skills at putting cards together, and in issue 95 they published a few ideas using stamps, so I went ahead and bought the stamps and last night decided to have a bit of fun with them.

“Hot Air Balloon” Stamp

The stamp for this card was purchased from Clarity Stamp and combines two card ideas from issue 95 of Papercraft Inspirations.

The effect of the layered balloons at thebottom of the card was acheived by stamping the balloon on a scrap piece of paper, cutting it out and using it as a mask. Such a small, simple idea but I love how beautiful the effect is; a massive cluster of balloons.

The two coloured balloons free from the rest were created by stamping the balloon on a few pieces of patterened paper. One balloon was then chosen as the base balloon, and the striped were cut out of the balloons on the other papers and attached to the base balloon. This created very subtle, and uniquely patterned balloons. One balloon was layered flat onto the card, and the second balloon was attached usin sticky foam pads for a 3D effect.

As it stands, I’ve left this card blank, but it could be used for any occasion. I particuarly like the idea of keeping it as a good luck card, or a bon voyage card. It’s just a case of waiting for someone to go travelling for an excuse to give it to them. And I’m probably going to make this card again in the future. And again. And again.

A Bookmark

Just thought I’d add this as a bit of fun: before stamping the card I figured I should have a practice on a scrap bit of paper, and the result went so well that I’m keeping my “practice” paper as a bookmark. And my friends had better watch out: they may get their own bookmark made for them 😉

Keep crafting ❤


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