Heart Sachet

1 Feb

My new issue of  CrossStitcher Magazine turned up the other week, and as Valentine’s day is approaching there were many Valentine’s themed stitching patterns to do at home. One of the patterns was instructions to stitch a little heart sachet, and as I’ve never really had a go at stitching anything like this I decided to try my hand at making one.

Cross Stitch

The cross stitch for this sachet was simple enough: only two shades of red were used and the design was entirely made up of whole stitches (which is nice as I have a very strong dislike for fractionals). I stitched the design on 28-count evenweave fabric, as recommended by the magazine, but it would be just as easy to stitch on 14-count aida if preferred.


This was my first attempt and actually putting something together with my sewing machine, rather than just using it to draw pretty pictures on fabric. It was easy enough to sew the heart shape and to turn it the right way round again, although I did make a mistake and forgot that the ribbon to hang the sachet from needed to be ouside. As such, there is in fact some ribbon on the inside of my sachet. As a backing fabric for the sachet I have used some red and pink checkered material (saved from a pair of pyjamas I was planning on throwing out) and the colours work well with the ones stitched on the front of the heart.

Owing to my initial mistake with attaching the ribbon, I had to work out how to attach a hanging loop to the sachet. I ended up taking a length of ribbon, tying the ends in a bow, and attaching to the top of the sachet with a small stitch, which will also help holding the bow closed (I hope).

The sachet now hangs in pride of place off the post of my headboard, and I have plans to make several more of these. In fact I’ve already planned the designs for most of them in my mind. Hopefully next time I’ll have more success in attaching the hanging ribbon on the first go 🙂

Happy stitching 🙂


One Response to “Heart Sachet”

  1. kirstyross85 February 4, 2012 at 11:36 #

    I really like the sachet, well done on your first stitching attempt with your machine. It’s come out really well x and as for the ribbon inside – no one need know x

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