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A Wedding Sampler

21 Feb

Two of my friends decided to get married back in August, and as a wedding gift I thought I’d get creative and stitch them something.

Cross Stitch

This cross stitch pattern was adapted from the Royal Wedding sampler published in CrossStitcher Magazine Issue 238 (for the original design please click here). The names, of course, were changed using the alphabet in the magazine, and I chose to omit the crown and the english roses from the original design.

I then decided to change the flags to an English flag and a Welsh flag, as the groom was English and the bride was Welsh. This was done on graph paper, and was easier to do than it sounds as I already have a small cross stitch pattern for a Welsh dragon in my stash; it just needed tilting onto a diagonal.


I decided to frame the sampler in a simple wooden frame, and use a cream border to centre the material.

This was my first attempt stitching on 28-count evenweave and using a frame. I liked using the frame, depite the fact that the edges got rather dirty rather quickly. That said, I am planning on using my frame again this year for a few projects, and it definately helped with keeping the tension even.

I was very pleased with the finished result; I think the word might even be proud. This is my largest cross stitch project to date, and although it took me around two weeks to complete, it hasn’t put me off tackling some more projects this year.

Watch this space ….


Stamping Fun – “Hot Air Balloons”

21 Feb

I’ve been buying a few issues of Papercraft Inspirations hoping to expand my skills at putting cards together, and in issue 95 they published a few ideas using stamps, so I went ahead and bought the stamps and last night decided to have a bit of fun with them.

“Hot Air Balloon” Stamp

The stamp for this card was purchased from Clarity Stamp and combines two card ideas from issue 95 of Papercraft Inspirations.

The effect of the layered balloons at thebottom of the card was acheived by stamping the balloon on a scrap piece of paper, cutting it out and using it as a mask. Such a small, simple idea but I love how beautiful the effect is; a massive cluster of balloons.

The two coloured balloons free from the rest were created by stamping the balloon on a few pieces of patterened paper. One balloon was then chosen as the base balloon, and the striped were cut out of the balloons on the other papers and attached to the base balloon. This created very subtle, and uniquely patterned balloons. One balloon was layered flat onto the card, and the second balloon was attached usin sticky foam pads for a 3D effect.

As it stands, I’ve left this card blank, but it could be used for any occasion. I particuarly like the idea of keeping it as a good luck card, or a bon voyage card. It’s just a case of waiting for someone to go travelling for an excuse to give it to them. And I’m probably going to make this card again in the future. And again. And again.

A Bookmark

Just thought I’d add this as a bit of fun: before stamping the card I figured I should have a practice on a scrap bit of paper, and the result went so well that I’m keeping my “practice” paper as a bookmark. And my friends had better watch out: they may get their own bookmark made for them 😉

Keep crafting ❤

Stamping Fun – “Hello Flags”

21 Feb

I’ve been buying a few issues of Papercraft Inspirations hoping to expand my skills at putting cards together, and in issue 95 they published a few ideas using stamps, so I went ahead and bought the stamps and last night decided to have a bit of fun with them.

“Hello Flags” Bunting

The stamp for this card was purchased from Sir Stampalot and actually has five flags on it, though due to the size of the card I only used four of them. The bunting was stamped three times on a simple card, then again on four different sheets of patterened paper.

This morning I cut the flags out of the patterned paper, and attached them to the card, and alternate flags have had the bottoms lifted up using sticky foam pads to give the effect that the flags are waving.

This card is lifted straight out of the magazine, but I love how such a simple idea makes such an effective card. I’ve decided to write the words happy birthday across the top of the card, but it could be used for any occasion by simply changing the message across the top. I have a feeling I’ll be making this card a lot in the future.

Happy crafting 🙂

Heart Sachet

1 Feb

My new issue of  CrossStitcher Magazine turned up the other week, and as Valentine’s day is approaching there were many Valentine’s themed stitching patterns to do at home. One of the patterns was instructions to stitch a little heart sachet, and as I’ve never really had a go at stitching anything like this I decided to try my hand at making one.

Cross Stitch

The cross stitch for this sachet was simple enough: only two shades of red were used and the design was entirely made up of whole stitches (which is nice as I have a very strong dislike for fractionals). I stitched the design on 28-count evenweave fabric, as recommended by the magazine, but it would be just as easy to stitch on 14-count aida if preferred.


This was my first attempt and actually putting something together with my sewing machine, rather than just using it to draw pretty pictures on fabric. It was easy enough to sew the heart shape and to turn it the right way round again, although I did make a mistake and forgot that the ribbon to hang the sachet from needed to be ouside. As such, there is in fact some ribbon on the inside of my sachet. As a backing fabric for the sachet I have used some red and pink checkered material (saved from a pair of pyjamas I was planning on throwing out) and the colours work well with the ones stitched on the front of the heart.

Owing to my initial mistake with attaching the ribbon, I had to work out how to attach a hanging loop to the sachet. I ended up taking a length of ribbon, tying the ends in a bow, and attaching to the top of the sachet with a small stitch, which will also help holding the bow closed (I hope).

The sachet now hangs in pride of place off the post of my headboard, and I have plans to make several more of these. In fact I’ve already planned the designs for most of them in my mind. Hopefully next time I’ll have more success in attaching the hanging ribbon on the first go 🙂

Happy stitching 🙂