Love – An Anniversary Card

13 Jan

So as my last posts have been Christmas cards I thought I should publish something with a different theme.

This card is probably one of my favourites that I’ve made, mainly because it’s simplicity is what makes it turn out so beautiful.

I gave this card to my grandparents for their anniversary back in September 2009, and it was my first time using handmade paper as a special effect on a card. I have to be honest, I liked the effect it made so much that it’s become an effect I’ve used a lot over the last few years.

Cross Stitch

The cross stitch pattern on the card was one I found online during a random search in Google images for “cross stitch” and had copied down for use later. I opted to use just one colour to stitch the design, which I think was a good move as too many colours may have made the stitch appear too crowded.

Card Layout

The edge of the cross stitch was cut using pinking shears, and the cross stitch was taped to a sheet of pink handmade paper. I then gently tore the handmade paper against a ruler for straight-ish lines toform a rectangle around the stitch. The nature of handmade paper means that when it’s torn the edges appear frayed, and so gives the lovely effect shown on the card. This patch was then tapes to a simple white rectangular card and the card was finished.


This design would also make a lovely wedding or Valentin’es card, as well as an anniversary card. I do remember being very happy with this card when I made it, and I still think of it as one of my favourites now. I may think about duplicating this card, but perhaps for a different occasion, and with a different colour scheme this time. Watch this space 🙂


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