Felt Stocking Card – First Use of Waste Canvas

10 Jan

This card was my first attempt at using waste canvas. I have to be honest, as much as I really like the finished effect, I’m not the biggest fan of waste canvas.

For those not in the know, waste canvas is laid on top of the fabric you intend the finished design to be stitched upon. You then stitch your design, get the fabric wet and pull the individual strands of canvas out from underneath the stitching. I should note that when I made this card, I was unaware that I needed to get the fabric wet in order to facilitate pulling the strands out.

Cross Stitch

The actual design for the stocking was taken from a recent issue of CrossStitcher magazine (Issue 246) and I opted to try waste canvas to stitch the pattern onto felt as opposed to soluable aida (my reasoning being I didn’t think I had to get waste canvas wet).

Stitching with waste canvas was easy enough; however the removal of the strands from underneath the stitching proved difficult. I was glad I had long nails at the time as they were handy in gripping the strands to pull out. I feel I must add that I felt as though my finger and thumb-tips were bruised for the day after removing all of the canvas.

Card Layout

After all the hard work removing the waste canvas, I felt a simple design for the card would suffice. I merely cut the stocking shape out of the felt, attached a small piece of ribbon to the top corner of the stocking in a loop, and mounted the felt stocking onto a square of green card using double sided sticky tape. I used pinking shears around the edge of the green card for an effect, then taped this onto a red card.

I do like this card, but I don’t think I will be in a hurry to stitch using waste canvas again. I’m not convinced the final product is worth the pain and effort required to remove each strand individually from underneath the stitching. That said, I have since discovered I am meant to get the canvas wet before attempting to remove it from underneath the design. Maybe I should give it one more shot, and do it properly before making my mind up fully? However, as it currently stands, I’m not the biggest fan of using waste canvas.


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