Misteltoe Berries

5 Jan

This card was made for my grandparents for Christmas in 2011. Technically it was very simple to make, but I was very happy with the finished product. I particuarly enjoyed the effect of the contrasted snowflake in the lower corner, and I feel that the slightly off-centred layout provides a quirky feel to the card.

Cross Stitch

The cross stitch pattern used is one from a pre-packed “mini stitch kit” purchased from Hobbycraft, and as such the design only took 3-4 hours to complete. All the threads and aida required for this stitch were provided in the aforementioned kit, and no additional materials were purchased in order to make the cross stitch.

Card Layout

The cross stitch pattern was layered using double-sided sticky tape on top of a dark green card cut smaller than the red card I intended to further mount this green card upon.

The snowflake effect around the right hand corner of the card was acheived by using a snowflake shaped hole punch (size 2, again purchased from Hobbycraft). The green card was then attached to the red in the upper right hand corner with double-sided sticky tape, ensuring that there was tape underneath each snowflake. I then used red glitter to acheive the glittering snowflake half-border on the card.

I then opened the hole punch and removed a single green snowflake cut from the card and attached this to the lower left hand corner of the card using PVA glue to provide a contrast to the red glittering snowflakes. The welsh “Nadolig Llawen” stickers (Papermania) were then attached at a right angle to this snowflake to complete the card.


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